Dear Friends, Today marks the release of my new historical novel, Lies in White Dresses, which tells the story of three women who travel to Reno in the 1950s for “quickie” divorces, only to test the bounds of their friendships and the bonds of family. My editor says...

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Musical Musings And A Pre-Order Deal

Dear Friends, Today the UPS man brought me a finished copy of That’s What Frenemies Are For, and I suddenly realized that pub day is only a few short weeks away! Our publisher is offering a bonus for those who preorder: provide proof of purchase to receive a bookplate...

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Hello There Green-eyed Monster

I see it in their eyes sometimes, the look of yearning among the aspiring authors I meet at writing conferences. She has all those books, they’re thinking, all those publishing contracts…why not me? Later, when they see me in the bar with well-known agents and editors...

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TWO cover reveals—and how I learned to love taxes

Hello friends! This is a big year for me. I've made a commitment to take seriously good care of myself, which means eating and sleeping and moving better, mindfulness classes and therapy and even yoga, which I swore I would never, ever do. (Much like I once despised...

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