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"...nail-biting moments of zombie attacks and heart-fluttering moments of romance..."
   —School Library Journal

Hailey Tarbell is no typical girl. As one of the Banished who arrived from Ireland generations ago, Hailey has the power to heal—and, as she recently learned, to create zombies if she heals someone too late. But now, Hailey is finally getting a chance at a normal life. After realizing the good and bad sides of her power, Hailey has survived the unimaginable to settle with her aunt, Prairie, and her little brother, Chub, in the suburbs of Milwaukee. Finally Hailey has a loving family, nice clothes, and real friends. But her safe little world is blown apart when she tries to contact her secret boyfriend, Kaz—and alerts the incredibly dangerous man who's looking for her to her true whereabouts.

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"Fast paced and disturbingly vivid...nail-biting moments of zombie attacks and heart-fluttering moments of romance."
   —School Library Journal (read the full review)

"Thrills, fast-paced chases and edge-of-your-seat action."
   —Diary of a Book Addict (read the full review)

"Fast-paced and exciting adventures...would definitely recommend."
   —YA Books Central (read the full review)

"Unforsaken concludes a powerful series involving Irish folklore and zombies, a sweet romance, and a multi generational storyline full of breathless action and truly abhorrent villains. Sophie Littlefield continues to astound me with her poignant writing, deft blending of supernatural details, and unflinching characterizations."
   —All Things Urban Fantasy (read the full review)

"Unforsaken moves along extremely quickly, offering more than a few surprises along the way."
   —Feathered Quill Reviews (read the full review)

"A fast-paced and fun read."
   —StorySnoops (read the full review)

Delacorte Books for Young Readers, Hardcover, October 2011, ISBN: 9780385738545
Ember, Paperback, October 2012, ISBN: 9780385738552