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Books: YA


Hanging By a Thread

Infected (January 2015) is a high-adrenaline thriller featuring cryptology expert Carina Monroe. The daughter of a top-secret research scientist, Carina and her boyfriend are infected with a deadly virus by international terrorists. She has mere hours to track the virus to its source before it takes their lives.

In Hanging by a Thread (2013), Clare's hometown has completely changed, and the citizens hope they won't see one of their own vanish without a trace. Residents are pretending nothing is wrong, but Claire is determined to dig until she uncovers the truth behind a murder.

Hailey Tarbell Series


The Hailey Tarbell series (2010-2011) features a 16-year-old with the power to heal. From Gypsum Missouri to suburban Milwaukee, Hailey will do anything to protect herself and her brother from those who wish to exploit her gift.