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A Bad Day for Pretty

A Bad Day for Pretty

Second Stella Hardesty Novel


"I wish we all had a Stella in our lives... I want to share a beer with her."
   —Viva La Feminista

Stella Hardesty, avenger of wronged women, is getting cozy with Sheriff "Goat" Jones when a tornado blows none other than Goat's scheming ex-wife, Brandy, through the front door. Adding to the chaos, the tornado destroys the snack shack at the demolition derby track, pulling up the concrete foundation and unearthing a woman's body. The main suspect in the woman's murder is Neb Donovan—he laid the foundation, and there's some pretty hard evidence pointing to his guilt. Years ago, Neb's wife asked Stella for help getting him sober. Stella doesn't believe the gentle man could kill anyone, and she promises his frantic wife she'll look into it.

Former client Chrissy Shaw is now employed at Stella's sewing shop and she helps with the snooping as Stella negotiates the unpredictable Brandy and the dangerously magnetic sheriff.

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"The second novel featuring vigilante Stella Hardesty blends humor and southern-fried crime-solving, to delicious effect."
   —People Magazine

"Littlefield wields humor like a whip, but never lets it dilute the whodunit. A force to be reckoned with, Stella is a welcome addition to the world of unorthodox female crime fighters."
   —Starred Review, Publishers Weekly

"No sophomore slump for Littlefield! Her second novel featuring Stella Hardesty is just as compelling and addictive as her debut. You'll race through the pages and be sorry to leave Stella and her cohorts behind." 4 1/2 Stars!
   —RT Book Reviews

"Stella is a force to be reckoned with..."

"It's a joy when a new writer holds your attention from beginning to end. It's a treat when she has something so new to say. Entertainment, the mystery way."
   —Crimespree Magazine

"Never fear—domestic abuse survivor Stella Hardesty is back to kicking ass and taking names in A Bad Day for Pretty. She's funny, profane, brave, passionate and honest in this new story of crime and punishment in rural Missouri."
   —Susan Wiggs

"This follow-up novel is even better than the won't want to miss a single page of Stella Hardesty's irreverently entertaining adventures."
   —Nights and Weekends (read the full review)

"Stella has proven to be a most engaging character."
   —New York Journal of Books (read the full review)

"Fun characters and dialogue along with a solid mystery to solve...What's not to love!"
   —Book Reader's Heaven (read the full review)

"I wish we all had a Stella in our lives... I want to share a beer with her."
   —Viva La Feminista (read the full review)

"I didn't think it was possible to like Stella anymore than I already did but I was wrong."
   —Cheryl's Book Nook (read the full review)

"A true pleasure."
   —Jedediah Ayres, the Barnes & Noble Mystery Blog (read the full review)

"Scrumptious...serious, scary, funny, romantic, and uplifting."
   —The Right Truth (read the full review)

Minotaur Books, Hardcover, June 2010, ISBN: 9780312559755
Minotaur Books, Trade Paperback, May 2011, ISBN: 9780312560478
Macmillan Audio, Unabridged Audiobook, August 2011, ISBN: 9781427215659