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About Sophie

Sophie Littlefield
Photo by Gigi Pandian

Official Bio

Sophie Littlefield grew up in rural Missouri, the middle child of a professor and an artist. She has been writing stories since childhood. After taking a hiatus to raise her children, she sold her first book in 2008, and has since authored over a dozen novels in several genres. Sophie's novels have won Anthony and RT Book Awards and been shortlisted for Edgar, Barry, Crimespree, Macavity, and Goodreads Choice Awards. In addition to women's fiction, she writes the post-apocalyptic AFTERTIME series, the Stella Hardesty and Joe Bashir crime series, and thrillers for young adults. She is a past president of the San Francisco Romance Writers of America chapter. Sophie makes her home in northern California.

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In Sophie's Own Words

Writers spend a lot of time in their heads. Novels must take root somewhere, and there is something about the writer's brain—call it a mental alkalinity level—that makes it especially conducive to the germination of stories.

The what-if landscape can be a delightful place, spawning the sort of fiction that warms the heart and shores up one's faith in humanity and encourages one to give life's battles another valiant effort.

My own mind is more often a place of turmoil and provocation and emotional voyeurism. My characters show up flawed and damaged, furious and vengeful, needy and voracious and uneasy. They've come to wreak havoc and their plans nearly always go awry. I don't know why my imagination is such a bleak and stunted place.

Strike that last sentence—consider it only the first of the many lies I'll tell you. I have some theories about how I got this way, but they are far less interesting than the stories that stagger out of the darkness.

# # #

None of this will be apparent when you meet me. I'm a nice lady, the mother of two nearly-grown children, a former team mom and scout leader.

I grew up in the Midwest, a middle child in a family where books were prized and children were expected to amuse themselves. I studied computer science in college and went to work for an accounting firm. I got married, had kids, and quit my job to raise them.

All along, I wrote, sending short stories to Seventeen when I was in grade school and literary journals when I was in college. I wrote True Confessions and articles for parenting and women's magazines when the kids were little, but I was distracted by other things. I was a home-maker in the old-fashioned sense of the word—I made a home with my hands and my heartfelt hopes: sewing, cooking, decorating the house, building tree forts and having tea parties with stuffed animals.

And reading—I read to my children until they couldn't stand it any more; one of them allowed me to read to her most nights until she was sixteen.

None of that time was wasted, but one day I realized it was coming to a close, and it was time to do something else.

And here we are.


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